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First Phase

First phase of the project is now in place

The publication of (24th March 2020)

The Cosmology of People and the time travel solution: An Astrobiological Proposal

The book is a philosophical work examining the physics of the human narrative and how consciousness works within it.  It lays the broad background to the ideas behind the Chronolith Observatory and the particular kinships that bind consciousnesses together both forward and back in time.

Details of the book can be found here on the publisher web site at a discounted price, and here on Amazon.

Inside the book is a certificate with which the purchasers of the book can register their interest in participating in the next phase of the project, where subjects will be chosen by lot to experience the actual Chronolith observatory.

If you want to register your certificate then click here

The experience will help define a social group that will go on to form the third phase of the project.


Transcripts of talks and short videos about the Cosmology of People project can be found here